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10 GSN Network Types

GSNs contribute to global problem solving in ten very different ways. Knowing the type of work your network is doing can increase your impact.

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Advocacy Networks seek to change the agenda or policies of governments, corporations or other institutions.Building awareness to change the agenda. Click for examples. Platforms create the capability for other networks to organize.Enabling action and interaction by multiple players. Click for examples. Operational and Delivery Networks actually deliver the change they seek, supplementing or even bypassing the efforts of traditional institutions.Delivering the change they seek. Click for examples. Watchdog Networks scrutinize institutions to ensure they behave appropriately.Bringing issues to light. Click for examples. Policy Networks create government policy, even though they may consist of non-governmental players.Influencing and creating social policy. Click for examples.
Governance Networks have achieved or been granted the right and responsibility of non-institutional global governance.Governance without government. Click for examples. Diasporas are global communities formed by people dispersed from their ancestral lands, but who share a common culture and strong identity with their homeland.Global actors connected by birthplace. Click for examples. Networked Institutions provide a wide range of capabilities even similar to state-based institutions but with a very different modus-operandi.Legitimacy, broad reach and resources. Click for examples. Knowledge Networks develop new thinking, research, ideas and policies that can be helpful in solving global problems. Their emphasis is on the creation of new ideas, not their advocacy.Gathering and sharing data and ideas. Click for examples. Global Standards Networks are non-state based organizations that develop technical specifications and standards for virtually anything, including standards for the Internet itself.Creating common metrics for global efforts. Click for examples.

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