The GSN Learning Experience

The GSN Program has a 3-part mission:

  1. To fill the knowledge gap surrounding multi-stakeholder networks for global problem solving
  2. To put GSN tools in the hands of people working to solve global problems
  3. To connect the networks and the people working to address common global issues

This GSN Learning Experience — closely aligned with the GSN program mission — will put knowledge in the hands of people working to solve global problems, and provide the tools to build GSNs. And — it connects global problem solvers with groups of activists sharing common interests and objectives.

Explore the GSN model and boost your GSN knowledge for global problem-solving effectiveness.
Build a new global solution network — use these tools to generate your own action plan for creating a successful GSN.
Scale your GSN for greater impact — connect with like-minded global problem solvers working for the change you care about.