Top 4 Reasons why 4 Billion People are Still Offline

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    WEF Research on the Digital Divide.

    Top 4 Reasons:


    Availability of the internet depends on people’s ability to access the web through a number of different means including wired, wireless or satellite connections. Despite the various ways of obtaining an internet connection, coverage remains limited for many.


    Income remains a key barrier for many to accessing the internet. The price of data along with the cost of owning a device, a charger and other accessories is part of what is keeping people offline.


    While those in developed countries often think of the internet as a time killer, many in developing nations fail to see the relevance of getting online. In order to make the web relevant to them, it would need to prove useful, relatable and accessible.


    All three of these challenges can be overcome. We could one day see the internet available to virtually everyone in the world. But when that happens, will they be ready for it? A challenge exists to ensure that people have the skills, understanding and cultural/social acceptance of the internet.

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