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Recent articles and research reports

Drought or Floods; Cities Confront Water Risks

Engineering firm Arup will collaborate with five cities this year to develop a set of practical tools that will help urban areas deal with too little or too much water crisis.

Forced Displacement is an Urban Crisis

The shift from refugee camps to forced displacement to cities and towns creates new challenges for meeting the needs of displaced populations and an urban crisis.

Regenerative Agriculture for food security and public health

Last September, experts from 21 countries with experience in soil, water and land management and agriculture met to work on solutions for the scaling up of organic and regenerative agriculture, land management and livestock grazing. The solutions will  address global warming, global food insecurity and public health.

Blockchain Combatting Illegal Fishing

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is exploring blockchain technology to combat illegal fishing and slave labor in the tuna fishing industry. The technology is currently being piloted in Fiji. Eco-conscious diners may ask restaurants whether their fish comes from a...

Stateless Rohingya get digital IDs with blockchain

Stateless Rohingya who fled Myanmar are set to receive digital ID cards using blockchain technology in a pilot project seeking to help them access services like banking and education. It will also begin a process of restoring their dignity, the project’s founders...

Fossil Fuel Free Streets

As a commitment to green and healthy city streets, C40 Cities has launched the Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets initiative; an effort from 12 mayors from across the C40 network to initiate a global shift to truly livable streets.

Girls HIV Numbers Remain High in Sub-saharan Africa

In 2015, 100,000 girls ages 15-24 were infected with HIV in South Africa, compared with 42,000 boys. Soul City Institute for Social Justice created RISE Young Women’s Clubs to help shrink these catastrophic numbers, but calls for more funding and programming for...

Bonn Climate Talks—Little Progress

Two weeks of climate talks in Bonn this month made little progress on the disputes that have been lingering since the Paris Agreement of 2015.

Peru’s Rainforest Timber Scandal

Companies caught up in Peru’s biggest timber scandal likely knew that their exports from the Amazon rainforest were illegal, according to undercover footage captured by the watchdog GSN working in the area, Global Witness.

Migration Challenges World’s Cities

The World Economic Forum has released its new report on migration and the world’s cities covering the different types and causes of migration, with a particular focus on its impact on cities around the world and how they can be better prepared.

Replanting Brazilian Rain Forest

A massive reforestation effort in the Brazilian region of the Amazon is being undertaken through a GSN partnership between between Conservation International, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the World Bank, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) and Rock in Rio’s environmental arm, “Amazonia Live.” 

Rural Areas Key to Economic Growth

Economic growth may come from rural areas, as food production and job creation come from agricultural opportunities. According to a new United Nations agriculture agency report released Monday.

Poor in the Path of Climate Change

Around the globe the poor are living in the path of climate change. The 2017 hurricane season is far from over, and already the impact of the season’s storms has disproportionally affected the most marginalized populations in the US as well.

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