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Recent articles and research reports

Net Neutrality Day-of-Action

Net neutrality is threatened, and on this Day of Action, over 200 groups updated their websites with statements, banners, and spinning wheels to tell their visitors about the troubles that could come with an internet free from net neutrality rules.

Climate Change Sustainability Toolkit

Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) has created a climate change preparedness training toolkit in collaboration with government and corporate partners that will enhance preparedness and sustainability for cities and regions around the world.

It’s World Refugee Day

Once a year, on June 20, World Refugee Day, there are people and organizations in the world that stop to shine a light on one of the world’s most pressing problems.

Power Protector— Blockchain and Cyber-Defense

Blockchain may be a power protector as a weapon in cyber-defense as our data is vulnerable to cybercrime where documents, records, communications, and systems can be frozen by an careless click on a malicious message.

Young Leaders ID Blockchain as Global Solution Tool

Young civic leaders ID Global Solutions including combating misinformation in elections, supporting Arabic-speaking domestic violence victims in the US, and using blockchain technology for protecting property rights in Libya.

Solar Geoengineering—Global Solution or Lock-in?

What is solar geoengineering? Imagine a not-to-distant future scene in which a fleet of small jets is flying on a regular schedule loaded with a cargo of some chemical compound that can be sprayed into the atmosphere where it converts to an aerosol of particles that stay aloft and scatter sunlight for maybe two years or so.

Eyes in the Sky—SkyTruth Delivers Spill Data

SkyTruth is the designer and builder of a tool called Global Fishing Watch that leverages satellite imagery and data for the purpose of promoting grassroots environmental stewardship and is now delivering spill data for ocean oil rigs.

Smart Cities Readiness Grant Winners

Smart Cities Council, a smart cities network, announced Austin, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando and Philadelphia as this year’s winners of the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant program.

Women’s March—where to now?

After the record-shattering Women’s March demonstration of global solidarity on the second day of the Trump presidency women could be forgiven for believing that they were making their voices heard around the world.

Blockchain Research Institute Assembles Multistakeholders

A Toronto-based research initiative, the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) was launched this week at the Blockchain Summit in DC. A partnership with government bodies, including the Canadian government and private sector companies, the organization will focus on collaborative innovation.

Financial Health a Global Framework

Financial Health is a new term in the arena of financial inclusion. It means being in possession of a daily financial system that can provide resilience in the face of economic shocks so that individuals are better able to reach their economic goals.

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