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“GSN 2.0—Can We Reach 90% Decarbonization by 2050?”
Our guests discuss the technologies and strategies that will boost collaboration, get people talking, and solve our urgent climate problems.

The Internet of Things Gets a Ledger

How will we handle this mind-boggling volume of data being transmitted, and do it in a secure way? “The Internet of Things needs a Ledger of Things,” says Alex Tapscott, coauthor with his father, Don Tapscott, of the “Blockchain Revolution”, to be published in May. “It needs a way to score what’s talking to what, who owes who money, and reconcile all of that.”

Biggest CO2 emissions impact: commuting

Progressive companies are looking at the biggest emissions challenge for many companies: emissions created by employees commuting to the workplace.

Are Cities the New Countries?

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has released a new report, “The Trends Shaping Education,” that says that cities can learn from one another in ways that are impossible at the national level.

Transportation in the City of the Future—Leaving Cars Behind

At the same time that teens are starting to forego the once-quintessential ticket to adulthood, American cites and urban areas are growing faster than the country as a whole. Millennials are driving trends toward alternative transportation strategies with their technological dexterity and their economically constrained lifestyle.

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