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Recent articles and research reports

Orange the World

Orange is the new hot shade when it comes to fighting violence against women and girls. Demonstrations and activities using the bright signature color have been going on around the world for several months.

Citizens’ Climate Marches Around the World

Organizer Avaaz.org changed the plans for the feature climate march in Paris on the fly—canceling the planned demonstrations out of concern for participants’ safety in the wake of the terrorist attacks—and got something even more dramatic and meaningful.

Run Like a Buffalo… Run for Your Life.

Run For Your life is a 4,000 kilometer run to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, it will continue around the clock for about 21 days, from the Arctic to Paris.

2015 Legatum Prosperity Index Points to Global Challenges

Canada is the free-est, and Indonesia’s economy is booming. UK is the Entrepreneurial leader in Europe, and safety is a growing concern for the US. Surprisingly, sub-Saharan Benin, struggling in all other areas, makes the top 30 for personal freedom.

CloudFactory—a model to ease the European Refugee Crisis?

The CloudFactory formula —to increase income while reducing brain drain—could be deployed in the migrant camps that are springing up as a result of the European refugee crisis. Used laptops combined with wifi could be all the infrastructure that is required.

The Refugee Crisis in a Staggering Graphic

Using data from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), a Finnish data visualization site, Lucify, created a stunning interactive graphic that shows the magnitude of the refugee crisis.

Oslo—First Capital with an Auto-ban

The Oslo city council have announced a plan to ban cars from central Oslo by 2019 as part of a platform focused on environmental issues and the challenges of climate change.

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