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Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization

Promoting ​a better understanding of the role of sustainable urbanization and resilient design in the planning of our cities with a new found optimism about the urban future.

Hub: Cities

Knowledge NetworkOperational and Delivery  Network

Tags: Cities, cities networks, development, planning, sustainability

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       Aliye P. Celik


Ebola Deeply

Dedicated to bringing thought leaders together, enhancing public engagement, and improving the user experience of complex global issues. Builds unique, user-centered resources that fuse news, live events, information design, and social participation.

Hub: Health & Human Security

Knowledge NetworkPlatform Network

Tags: infectious/tropical disease

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       Lara Setrakian
Co-Founder and Executive Editor, News Deeply



EcoWatch is a dedicated platform for environmental news that helps transform the ability of individuals to learn about environmental issues and take action.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Knowledge Network

Tags: environment

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       Stefanie Spear
Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief


Engaging Cities

An online magazine that shares creative strategies and new technologies to foster public engagement for livable communities.

Hub: Cities

Knowledge Network

Tags: planning

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Environmental Law Institute

Fostering innovative, just, and practical law and policy solutions to enable leaders across borders and sectors to make environmental, economic, and social progress.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Knowledge NetworkPolicy Network

Tags: environment

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       Jay Austin
Editor in Chief


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Ethereum Foundation

Supports research, development and education for decentralized protocols and tools that empower developers to produce next generation decentralized applications (dapps) to build a more globally accessible, free and trustworthy Internet.

Hub: Blockchain Governance

Knowledge Network

Tags: Blockchain

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     Ming Chan
Executive Director


European Microfinance Platform — EMFP

Promotes co-operation amongst European microfinance bodies working in developing countries, by facilitating communication and the exchange of information.

Hub: Cities, Climate & Planet Stewardship, Employment & Prosperity, Health & Human Security

Advocacy NetworkKnowledge Network

Tags: clean energy, development, youth employment

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       Christoph Pausch
Executive Secretary