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Today we were honored to host Mark Tiele Westra, the AkvoFLOW product manager who, with GSN research fellow Mike Dover, discussed AkvoFLOW and the new Akvo Caddisfly water monitoring product.

They also discussed the complex challenges of developing a smartphone-based product that is “elegantly simple” for use in the field.

Of special interest for the Global Solution Networks program was the discussion of the ways that these tools can be applied to numerous project problems, and ways in which users can network and collaborate to both improve the tool, and streamline solution development.

The complete webinar is available below.

Mark Tiele Westra is the product manager for AkvoFLOW, and the newest AkvoFLOW product set, the Caddisfly Water Testing field laboratory
Mike Dover, Fellow, Global Solution Networks and Employment & Prosperity Hub Leader; Business Board Member, Lifeboat Foundation; Professor, Humber College; Managing Partner, Socialstruct Advisory Group, Inc.



The Global Solution Networks Lighthouse case study on the entire Akvo organization can be read and downloaded here.