What Is a GSN Account?

On our website, you can explore problem solving networks, identify those of particular interest to you, and connect with network leaders.

Want to store, edit, and track communications with selected networks? These and other benefits come with your free GSN Account.

GSN Network Explore Tools

The GSN program has identified hundreds of networks tackling global problems. With our EXPLORE tools you can scan, sort, select, track and connect with networks of greatest interest to you. Begin by choosing one of our four hubs. You will be linked directly to the EXPLORE tool for that hub where you can access network information and even create a free account for tracking your activity. What are the advantages of having an account? You will have all the networks you select in one place, track interactions with network leaders, add and subtract networks, reach out to hub curators and more. Plus, your data will always be available!

Employment & Prosperity


Employment & Prosperity


Employment & Prosperity


Employment & Prosperity


GSN Search

Our search tool, located on every page of our website, will provide links to networks and to related research and blog posts across our site. Networks you find by searching will always contain direct links to contact network leaders, and links to other networks in the same hub or with similar search tags.contact Give it a try! As always, we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions