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Global Solution Networks

A Global Solution Network – or GSN – is a new and particularly effective type of global problem-solving organization. The GSN Program was launched to evaluate what makes these networks tick, and to understand their potential to change the world.

The GSN Program’s 3-Part Mission

1. Fill the KNOWLEDGE gap about multi-stakeholder networks and global problem solving.

What is a GSN?


N Addresses a global problem
N Engages diverse stakeholders
N Exploits the digital revolution
N Self-organizes and self-governs

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What is a GSN?


N Addresses a global problem
N Engages diverse stakeholders
N Exploits the digital revolution
N Self-organizes and self-governs

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How are GSNs categorized?

10 Network Types

10 types of Global Solution Networks have been identified.

10 Types

What does the GSN research reveal?

GSN Research

Explore GSN insights from dozens of research reports, case studies, infographics, digests and mindmaps.

Research Results

2. Put GSN TOOLS in the hands of people working to solve global problems.

The GSN LEARNING EXPERIENCE introduces the GSN model and helps you apply the concepts to your work.


Explore the GSN approach and boost your global problem-solving effectiveness.


Build an action plan to create a new Global Solution Network.


Scale your existing network or GSN for greater impact.

3. CONNECT the networks and the people working to address common global issues.

Topic-specific Hubs help GSNs work together to leverage their effectiveness.

The GSN Challenge to You

Use the new TOOLS for success you will find here.
CONNECT with the people and the networks tackling the global problems you care about.

Change the world.

From The Blogs

The Rachel Carson Bridge

The Rachel Carson Bridge

The significance of the moment—walking in an urban landscape to attend the annual conference of the Land Trust Alliance [a national land conservation organization of more than 1,000 member land trusts], and being buzzed by a migrating flock drawn into flight by the seasonal change in the weather while crossing a city bridge named for the pioneer of the environmental movement—was inescapable.

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Cities, Urbanization and Blockchain Solutions

Cities, Urbanization and Blockchain Solutions

While it’s the undisputed business hub of the Middle East, Dubai has set an ambitious goal in this era of urbanization: To be the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. Not as sci-fi as it sounds.

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The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals
Supported by GSNs

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
In September 2015 the international community met to endorse the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The goals can only be realized through action from stakeholders across all sectors, working together through collaborative, distributed, and dynamic Global Solution Networks (GSNs). These networks exist now, and their numbers are rapidly increasing. They are poised to make major contributions to implementing the SDGs.

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