Are the world’s problems just too tough to solve?  Or can we leverage new models, making the impossible…POSSIBLE?

GSNs are the new model for global problem solving.

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Meta-networks of civil society, the private sector, government and individual stakeholders are creating patterns of connection with enormous potential to govern global resources.

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GSN Hubs are the definitive resource of expert insights, cases and field tools for
global problem solvers. Explore and connect!

Global Solution Network Hubs

The 4 Characteristics of a Global Solution Network

Putting GSN tools in the hands of people working to solve problems.


I’d like to make a difference, and I need to define my problem and my approach.


I know what network to build. How do I make it happen?


My network needs to have greater scale and impact.

From The Blogs

Reading the Faces of the Poor

One of the UN’s MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) of 2000 was to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015, yet one in six people are still surviving on a dollar a day.  Or less. Striking photos by the Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Renee C. Byer have been... read more

Networked Solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Mary Milner is a fellow in the Global Solution Networks program. Collaborative Consensus Building for the Post-2015 Development Agenda In 2000, global leaders at the UN Millennium Summit adopted the Millennium Declaration in which they made a commitment to achieve 8... read more

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