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Are the world’s problems just too tough to solve?  Or can we leverage new models, making the impossible…POSSIBLE?

GSNs are the new model for global problem solving.

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Meta-networks of civil society, the private sector, government and individual stakeholders are creating patterns of connection with enormous potential to govern global resources.

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The 4 Characteristics of a Global Solution Network

addresses-global-problem Addresses a Global Problem
diverse-stakeholders Engages Diverse Stakeholders
digital-revolution Exploits the Digital Revolution
self-organizes Self-organizes and Self-governs

Learn more about the 10 distinct types of Global Solution Networks.

Each one has a unique purpose and addresses a different dimension of any global solution.

Advocacy IconPlatforms IconOperational and Delivery IconWatchdog IconPolicy IconGovernance IconDiasporas IconNetworked IconKnowledge IconGlobal Standards Icon


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