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Are the world’s problems just too tough to solve?  Or can we leverage new models, making the impossible…POSSIBLE?

GSNs are the new model for global problem solving.

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Meta-networks of civil society, the private sector, government and individual stakeholders are creating patterns of connection with enormous potential to govern global resources.

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The 4 Characteristics of a Global Solution Network

addresses-global-problem Addresses a Global Problem
diverse-stakeholders Engages Diverse Stakeholders
digital-revolution Exploits the Digital Revolution
self-organizes Self-organizes and Self-governs

Learn more about the 10 distinct types of Global Solution Networks.

Each one has a unique purpose and addresses a different dimension of any global solution.

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Putting GSN tools in the hands of people working to solve problems.


I’d like to make a difference, and I need to define my problem and my approach.


I know what network to build. How do I make it happen?


My network needs to have greater scale and impact.

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Implementing climate solutions that intend to achieve the deep decarbonization of the global economy by 2050 needs to be supported with a next-generation standards system that applies the tools of the new “digital economy.” The new systems will be more efficient and scalable, will more easily integrate with established business systems and will be more resilient to political factors.

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Run Like a Buffalo… Run for Your Life.

In her latest book, This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein quotes a solar energy teacher who tells his students: “There are times when you must accept small steps forward and there are other times when you need to run like a buffalo, now is the time to run.” Run For Your life... read more

Climate Change Could Push 100 Million More into Poverty by 2030

A new report from the World Bank, Shock Waves: Managing the Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty, shows that, unchecked, the effects of climate change could push 100 million or more people into poverty in the next fifteen years. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, the poorest regions of the world, are... read more

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