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Blockchain can move $1 billion annually to 850,000 civil society and NGOs worldwide

The Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA), the global organization working toward developing Blockchain projects for global good has partnered with TechSoup, a platform connecting nonprofits to resources. The pilot project will use Blockchain technology to enhance TechSoup’s validation services. It will also use Blockchain-based smart contracts that can support opportunities for social impact for thousands of organizations that use TechSoup information platforms.

The TechSoup platform provides architecture to match philanthropic resources with critical community needs around the world. The security, integrity and efficiency of the registry is critical to TechSoup and its partners. With a global scope of more than 850,000 organizations, and the persistent concern that NGOs may be targeted for political reasons, there are frequent challenges to distribution of resources. Blockchain technology will provide levels of security and transparency to the system, to safeguarding data and to enabling access to information. The goal is to enable philanthropic resources to reach the tough problems as efficiently as possible.

The BTA works to apply Blockchain technology to solutions to social and governance challenges. The new TechSoup collaboration will focus on integrating Blockchain and smart contract technology into TechSoup’s platform to help donors and organizations streamline data management and internal governance. In this case, Blockchain technology will focus on administrative burdens, cost reduction, and due diligence.

The project will also explore using Blockchain as a validation/notary service, which many organizations could benefit from, as they often offer key services and benefits without local or regional government support. A Blockchain-based system that validates the KPIs of these organizations could enable a global standard of validation for TechSoup and its donors that transcends political boundaries.

“When we launched the Blockchain Trust Accelerator, we knew that this initiative would provide a way to deploy Blockchain-based solutions to critical social and governance problems,” said Valery Vavilov, CEO and founder of The Bitfury Group. “We are honored to be partnering with TechSoup to use Blockchain technology to help strengthen their existing data platforms, as well as to provide an additional avenue for TechSoup and its donors to verify and support the world-changing work being undertaken by their partnering organizations.”

“Through TechSoup, nonprofits around the world connect directly to US$1 billion annually in donated technology, cloud computing products and educational resources. Those nonprofits also gain access to an additional $1B of support resources, such as volunteers and individual and employee donations, offered directly by corporate and nonprofit partners each year via their own online consumer models and enabled by TechSoup’s technology,” said Rebecca Masisak, CEO of TechSoup. “We are excited to collaborate on innovations that will strengthen critical enabling infrastructure for social good.” Added Sheila Warren, Vice President of Strategic Alliances and General Counsel, “TechSoup and its international partner network validate that all of these recipient nonprofits have been vetted against legal, regulatory, and corporate/donor eligibility requirements. The inclusion of Blockchain through this pilot project will enable TechSoup to expand its services to responsibly include additional civil society organizations and further our mission to strengthen civil society worldwide.”

“This pilot project will dramatically accelerate the efficiency and security by which TechSoup and its partner organizations share information, conduct audits and manage trust,” said Dr. Tomicah Tillemann, Director of the Bretton Woods II initiative at New America and former Senior Advisor for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies at the U.S. Department of State. “Accountability, transparency, and trust are essential for building strong organizations, and we’re eager to see Blockchain technology strengthen those qualities in TechSoup’s already stellar oversight.”