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A series on deep collaboration strategies for deep decarbonization
in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal #13

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The 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris, COP21, is not going to solve climate change, but the meetings will advance a new international approach to address the issues of climate change. The new leader of the IPCC, Hoesung Lee, is advocating a shift away from tracking impacts of climate change turning attention to finding solutions. This is a big development, and there are some positive development from China, India and the US, but there is still a long road ahead to avoid a catastrophic climate crisis and major challenges remain in the international political process


The reason for exploring the topic is obvious:

There are hundreds of climate collaboration platforms (e.g. knowledge hubs, communities, tools) that have emerged in the last few years. Global Solutions Networks (GSN) has catalogued these organizations on our climate GSN hub and provided tools to help platforms and collaborative stakeholders better understand the landscape.

What can we do to achieve “Deep Decarbonization”?

In this series we will explore the what and how of the deep dollaboration that is needed to accomplish a transformation to a low carbon future—what is being widely referred to as deep decarbonization.

This blog series aims to engage readers and collaborators by linking to ongoing activities within climate, and in some cases sustainable development more broadly to:

  • examine existing and emerging collaboration initiatives
  • examine new models for collaboration
  • define deep collaboration
  • outline a roadmap for how to achieve deep collaboration to advance deep decarbonization

If you are involved in an online platform, I encourage you to browse the Climate & Planet Stewardship hub on the Global Solution Networks website – if your platform is not listed, let us know! If you’re new to the GSN research – I highly recommend reading the GSN Field Guide – it is concise and helpful.

Tom Baumann, Fellow, Global Solution Networks and Climate & Planet Stewardship Hub Leader; CoFounder of the GHG Management Institute and Director of Knowledge Management; CoFounder of Interactive Leader and Collaborase; CoFounder of ClimateCHECK; International Chair of the ISO Climate Change Standards Committee (ISO TC207 SC7 GHG Management and Related Activities)