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Water is not only crucial to life—without plentiful supplies of water the world’s systems of modern agriculture and industrial production would collapse. Growing water scarcity demands new solutions, especially as the complexities of water management increase with population growth, increased urbanization and climate change. The Global Water Partnership (GWP), a multi-stakeholder governance network based in Stockholm, is responding to the need for global leadership with respect to integrated and sustainable water resources management. Although the regulation and control of water systems remains firmly within the control of sovereign states, the GWP aides sustainable governance by brokering partnerships, guiding national and international policy development and providing data, tools and advice about how to sustainably manage water resources in 169 countries in all regions of the world.

“Water is now seen as a central plank in the sustainable management of natural resources. It is embedded in all aspects of development; it is an essential part of sustainable economic growth in agriculture, industry and energy generation; and sustains the natural ecosystem on which everything else depends. Water security and green growth are synergistic and mutually reinforcing. Neither can exist without integration.” Dr. Mohamed Ait-Kadi Chair of the Global Water Partnership Technical Committee

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