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As world leaders prepare for a development finance summit in Addis Ababa in July, and anticipate new development goals for later this year, a new report has been released by One.org calling for increased commitment to aid from the richest nations, and spending by the poorest. Eloise Todd, global policy director for ONE, notes in an interview by Reuters, that there is a “shocking lack of global leadership to deliver genuine, life changing commitments for the world’s poorest and hardest to reach.”

The report, “The 2015 Data Report, Putting the Poorest First,” points out that gender and inequality go hand-in-hand, “Girls and women in the poorest countries suffer a double hardship, of being both born in a poor country and being born female. Put simply, poverty is sexist.”  It calls for a new global compact targeted at those who need it most; the poorest countries and the poorest people, particularly women and girls.