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Our guests on the recent GSN webinar — Paul Ellingstad of HP and Robert Haynie of the US State Department — are busy documenting their insights on how traditional organizations can tap the power of global solution networks and will have their complete case studies ready to share with the GSN community very soon.

And I am happy to report that a number of additional case studies will be presented during our upcoming Summit at the State Department in Washington on June 4.

Our community members are hard at work. Stefaan Verhulst is looking at the functions and stages of global governance. Barbara Ridpath is working on legitimacy and efficacy in global solution networks. Pankaj Ghemwat is developing a provocative framework for assessing how globalization impacts on GSN design principles, while Amit Kapoor has nearly completed his work on financial inclusion. So there is much to share and a great deal to look forward to.

I am personally authoring a report on seven world-changing technologies with the potential to contribute significantly to global problem solving. The report will provide a novel framework for thinking about why technology matters in global problem-solving—from the ability to reveal new patterns and relationships that are integral to understanding the root causes of global problems to the ability to engage people and organizations that were previously excluded from global decision-making.

Anthony Williams, Executive Editor, GSN