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Marches around the World — a Silent March in Paris

Organizer Avaaz.org changed the plans for the feature climate march in Paris on the fly—canceling the planned demonstrations out of concern for participants’ safety in the wake of the terrorist attacks—and got something even more dramatic and meaningful.  In Paris the climate march that had expected a turnout close to 500,000 looked like this at thePlace de la Republique:

paris climate march

Many cities saw their largest marches to date, including 120,000 in Australia and over 100,000 in India, even the war-torn capital of Yemen, Sana’a went ahead with their demonstration of solidarity:

Climate March

Clockwise from top left: Melbourne, Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bogotá, Jakarta

Sana’a, Yemen (from The Guardian)

Sana’a, Yemen (from The Guardian)

Over 785,000 marched at 2,300 events in 175 countries launching week-long meetings that will be attended by 150 heads of state.


Jill Rundle, Editor, Global Solution Networks