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European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities

Brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions.

Hub: Cities

Networked Institution

Tags: planning, sustainability

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European Microfinance Platform — EMFP

Promotes co-operation amongst European microfinance bodies working in developing countries, by facilitating communication and the exchange of information.

Hub: Cities, Climate & Planet Stewardship, Employment & Prosperity, Health & Human Security

Advocacy NetworkKnowledge Network

Tags: clean energy, development, youth employment

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       Christoph Pausch
Executive Secretary


Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Represents the interests of municipalities on policy and program matters that fall within federal jurisdiction.

Hub: Cities

Advocacy NetworkNetworked Institution

Tags: development, environment, planning

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       Brock Carlton
Chief Executive Officer


Fundación Mario Santo Domingo

Helps cities to use their Integral Development of Sustainable Communities model, as an integrated approach to developing quality housing, community services, and economic opportunity for low-income communities.

Hub: Cities

Operational and Delivery  Network

Tags: development, environment, planning

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Future of Places

Indicating the importance of public space and place making in city planning at Habitat III 2016.

Hub: Cities

Advocacy Network

Tags: Cities, cities networks, development, environment, general, planning, sustainability

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Give 2 Asia

Provides cities a means of raising funds from individuals, the private sector and Asia-focused charitable organizations for projects, as well as a means for engaging highly qualified regional NGOs in Asia to contribute to a city's resilience-building strategy.

Hub: Cities, Employment & Prosperity

Operational and Delivery  Network

Tags: environment, healthcare systems, poverty alleviation

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       Birger Stamperdahl
President and CEO