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Defining Global Solution Networks

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  • Understand the GSN approach
  • Define the global problem you are tackling
  • Identify network models for success


GSN Founder Don Tapscott discusses the characteristics of Global Solution Networks and presents the 10 types of GSNs identified in our research.

What is a global solution network?

Global Solution Networks: 10 Types in 10 Minutes

Learn more about the 10 distinct types of Global Solution Networks.

Each one has a unique purpose and addresses a different dimension of any global solution.

Advocacy IconPlatforms IconOperational and Delivery IconWatchdog IconPolicy IconGovernance IconDiasporas IconNetworked IconKnowledge IconGlobal Standards Icon


Click any icon to see a short video introduction including example networks for each specific network type.

Why are Global Solution Networks emerging now?

This video series on “The Four Drivers for Change” focuses on the economic, social and technology factors behind the GSN phenomenon.

What are the drivers for global solution networks?

There is a fundamental change underway regarding how global problems can be solved, and perhaps how we govern ourselves on this shrinking planet. We’re seeing a rise in multi-stakeholder networks – networks involving companies, civil society organizations, governments, and individuals that work together using the Internet to tackle every problem on the planet. In this series of video blogs, Don explores the profound drivers for this new approach for solving global problems.

Interested in reading more about the GSN model?

Written descriptions of the 10 types and
linked examples of networks for each type
Groundbreaking research project by Don Tapscott introducing Global Solution Networks, the context for their emergence now, and their potential for global problem solving

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Global Solution Networks

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