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Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

Improving the most important energy and land use policies and business practices around the world, with a particular focus on finance.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Knowledge NetworkPolicy Network

Tags: carbon mgmt., clean energy, Climate, data

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       Barbara Buchner
Executive Director


The International Council on Clean Transportation

Improving environmental performance and energy efficiency of transportation to benefit public health and mitigate climate change through research and technical and scientific analysis.  

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Global Standards NetworkKnowledge Network

Tags: carbon mgmt., clean energy

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       Drew Kodjak
Executive Director



Data platform created by Clean Air Asia for use by governments, civil society, academic/research institutions, the business sector, and development organizations who are committed to promoting better air quality management in the cities of Asia.

Hub: Cities, Climate & Planet Stewardship

Platform Network

Tags: carbon mgmt., clean energy, environment

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Earth Guardians

Young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and co-creating the future we know is possible.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Advocacy Network

Tags: carbon mgmt.

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   Tamara Rose
Founder and Executive Director


This Planet

A series of 90-second videos that portray this moment of reckoning between human nature and the force of nature at the tipping point of our collective future.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Knowledge Network

Tags: carbon mgmt., environment

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