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The GSN Program is…


What is the Global Solution Networks Program?

Global Solution Networks is a landmark study of the potential of global web-based networks for cooperation, problem solving and governance. Through a series of major research projects led by global experts, we will identify and explain key issues, strategies and approaches for engaging on the Internet to do good, helping these new multi-stakeholder platforms thrive, scale and become material on the global scene.

The Global Solution Networks Program, led by Don Tapscott and the Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto, is creating a definitive resource of expert insights, cases and field tools.

Why now?

Global multi-stakeholder networks are emerging now in response to two fundamental forces. On one hand, the systematic failure of traditional state-based institutions to grapple with a more complex global environment has created a space for new actors. On the other hand, the digital revolution has enabled networks that connect and collaborate across borders, cultures and disciplines in ways that were impossible before.

Yet to date there has been no systematic study of this phenomenon or an attempt to understand the potential of these networks for improving the state of the world. Little has been done to evaluate what makes these networks tick, how they succeed or fail, what impact they have or how they address the tough issues of legitimacy, accountability, representation and transparency.

Global problems, from poverty and climate change to human rights and clean water access, demand solutions that transcend the traditional boundaries of the nation-state—solutions that include authentic citizen voices and new initiatives in social innovation that extend beyond communities and nations to the global stage.

Institutions, corporate partners and individuals from around the world are joining us as we create a series of original white papers, case studies, tools, events, video and ultimately a book authored by contributing members to explore, explain and illustrate emerging network solutions for the problems we collectively face.

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Executive Director
Global Solution Networks
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Understanding the New Multi-Stakeholder Models for Global Cooperation, Problem Solving and Governance