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GSN Toronto Summit

“Solving the World’s Problems Differently”

January 29-30, 2014


Don Tapscott, preview of keynote address. Don’s complete presentation is available on the MPI website


PRE-SUMMIT – January 29, 2014

Murmuration Video


Don Tapscott, Introduction to Solving the World’s Problems Differently


MORNING SESSION – January 30, 2014


  • 0 – 2:00 Joan Bigham, GSN Managing Director, Welcome
  • 2:00 – 6:00 Jamison Steeve, Martin Prosperity Institute Executive Director, Welcome
  • 6:00 – 35:30 Joan Bigham, Staff and Sponsor Introductions, Program Overview
  • 35:35 – 42:40 Anthony Williams, GSN Executive Editor, Research Overview
  • 44:08 – 1:55:29 Don Tapscott, GSN Executive Director, Morning Presentation “Tackling the Hard Issues”




  “Key Stakeholders in Global Problem Solving”

Moderated by Don Tapscott

  Panelists (left to right):

  • Bruce Jenks, former Assistant Secretary General, United Nations Development Programme
  • Thomas Debass, Deputy Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Office of Secretary of State John Kerry, US Department of State
  • Giles Gherson, Deputy Minister of Consumer Services, Government of Ontario
  • Dan Wellers, Senior Director, Strategy and Research, SAP Portfolio Marketing
  • Michael Denham, Managing Director, Accenture Canada


  • 0 – 1:06 Joan Bigham, Introduction
  • 1:30 – 55:41 Anthony Williams, Research Presentation Part I
  • 1:05:41 – 2:11:02 Afternoon Panel, “GSNs for Solving Real Problems” Moderated by Anthony Williams

    Panelists (left to right):

    • Sohier Hall, CEO, Luum
    • Kristy Buckley, Senior Mediator, Meridian Institute
    • Faizal Karmali, Associate Director, Rockefeller Foundation
    • Kathryn Semogas, Advocacy Committee Member, Human Rights Watch Canada
  • 2:22:25 – 2:44:28 Anthony Williams, Research Presentation Part II
  • 2:44:43 – 3:11:21 Don Tapscott, Closing Remarks
  • 3:11:22 – 3:12:30 Joan Bigham, Closing Remarks