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Trust in Digital Life (TDL)—Blockchain Working Group

A membership association founded by the Intel Corporation, TDL consists of industry leaders and academic institutions that exchange research on customer, market, and technology insights into improving DLT, in order to expedite a trusted single European digital market.

Hub: Blockchain Governance

Knowledge Network

Tags: Blockchain

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Tumml's mission is to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. With a hands-on approach, Tumml provides entrepreneurs with the tools to help scale their impact and enhance quality of life in cities everywhere.

Hub: Cities

Knowledge NetworkOperational and Delivery  Network

Tags: Cities, cities networks, citizen safety, development, general, planning, sustainability, transportation

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       Clara Brenner
CEO and Co-Founder


World Cities Network

Facilitates the sharing of ideas between city leaders and professionals internationally across the real estate, technology, design, and urban infrastructure industries.

Hub: Cities

Knowledge Network

Tags: planning

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     Brian Kilkelly


World Council for Renewable Energy

Document and communicate best-practices, analyze the barriers and prepare proposals to overcome these, communicate need for Renewable Energy.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Advocacy NetworkKnowledge Network

Tags: clean energy

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