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Platform Networks

Health & Human Security Platform Networks

Platforms create the capability for other networks to organize.

CARRI’s Community Resilience System

Helps communities create a vision for the future and establish the necessary actions to improve overall resilience to disasters and other disturbances.

Hub: Climate & Planet Stewardship

Platform Network

Tags: peace, conflict, crisis, resilience

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     Warren Edwards
Executive Director



Change.org is the world's largest petition platform, empowering people everywhere to create the change they want to see.

Hub: Cities, Climate & Planet Stewardship, Employment & Prosperity, Health & Human Security

Platform Network

Tags: data, food security, healthcare systems, human rights, infectious/tropical disease, peace, conflict, crisis, pediatrics, reproductive/maternal health, vaccination, water/sanitation

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       Kathryn Semogas
Associate Director of Campaigns


Ebola Deeply

Dedicated to bringing thought leaders together, enhancing public engagement, and improving the user experience of complex global issues. Builds unique, user-centered resources that fuse news, live events, information design, and social participation.

Hub: Health & Human Security

Knowledge NetworkPlatform Network

Tags: infectious/tropical disease

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       Lara Setrakian
Co-Founder and Executive Editor, News Deeply


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Platforms create the capability for other networks to organize.

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