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Role of Business Google Hangout Event

Join for a discussion on the continued role of business in solving global problems.

Thursday, December 11th, 11am-12noon EST

Moderator: Anthony Williams, GSN Executive Editor

The world now struggles with some of the most daunting challenges it has ever encountered: climate change, perpetual conflict, poverty, hunger, water scarcity, income inequality, overcrowded urban areas, the quest for renewable energy, lack of healthcare, uneven educational opportunities, and inadequate sanitation are among a host of vexing and intractable issues that threaten the stability and even long-term habitability of the Earth.

Simply put: Businesses can’t succeed in a world that is falling. Ignoring environmental and social issues is not only bad for the earth and its population, but can be devastating to economic prosperity and growth, in both the long- and short-term.

While companies have not always been viewed as legitimate players in our institutions for global cooperation and governance, there is clearly a role for the private sector not just in wealth creation, but also in helping to advance social development and protect the environment. In fact, corporate leaders are already playing a role in solving global challenges, both individually and, increasingly, as participants in global solution networks.

Executives at GSN member companies will discuss how companies can bring powerful skills, technologies and capabilities to bear on global problems and reflect on some of the emerging challenges that companies will face as they engage and collaborate with global solution networks.

Webinar Guests

Angela BakerAngela Baker,

Senior Manager, Wireless Reach & Government Affairs, Qualcomm


Mary deWysockiMary deWysocki,

Senior Director, Corporate Affairs,



Kai GoerlichKai Goerlich,

Idea Director Thought Leadership,

SAP Global Consulting

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