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Q1 Webinar & Links

Understanding Knowledge Networks March 13, 2014

Host: Anthony Williams, GSN Executive Editor

playbacks available post-webinar

Knowledge Networks sit at the center of the Global Solution Networks taxonomy, overlapping and informing all the other network types. Knowledge Networks are not only the collaborative incubators of new ideas, policies and methods – they are the origination points for dissemination of this new thinking to other solution networks and the broader world.

This webinar reveals how SGC and OPENPediatrics are leveraging technology to share knowledge with more speed and efficiency than has ever been possible among more traditional institutions. Our participants share key lessons learned and the challenges they face. To learn more, see the GSN research paper on Knowledge Networks.

Webinar Guests:

Dr. Chas Bountra Dr. Chas Bountra, Chief Scientist, Structural Genomics Consortium; Professor of Translational Medicine, and an Associate Head of Medical Sciences at the University of Oxford. He serves on numerous public/ charitable funding committees, journal review panels, scientific advisory boards for academic drug discovery programs, biotechs, pharmas and VCs.

Structural Genomics ConsortiumThe SGC makes all its biological research output available to the scientific community with no strings attached, creating an open collaborative network of scientists in hundreds of universities around the world and in nine global pharmaceutical companies. This network of academic and industry scientists is driving a new scientific and drug discovery ecosystem whose primary aim is to advance science and is less influenced by personal, institutional or commercial gain. Learn more in GSN’s associated case research.

Dr. Traci WolbrinkDr. Traci Wolbrink, Associate Program Director, OPENPediatrics. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Brown University, and fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health.

OPENPediatricsOPENPediatrics is a web-based digital learning platform designed for physicians and nurses who care for critically ill children in all resource settings across the world. It has created an interactive virtual training and knowledge exchange platform to enhance the quality of pediatric critical care. It is changing the existing medical education paradigm by offering asynchronous interactive learning and various avenues for knowledge sharing outside the walls of select institutions. Learn more in the OPENPediatrics Case Study.