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Interview:  McKinsey Global Institute

Interview: McKinsey Global Institute

The Flow of Governance: An interview with Don Tapscott The topic of business wasn’t on the table at the Bretton Woods Conference 70 years ago, when world leaders convened to determine how the international monetary and financial system would operate in the wake of...
Policy Options:  The Network Solution

Policy Options: The Network Solution

The emergence of global solutions networks offers hope for a better way to address global problems. But we need to understand how they work and protect them from nation-states that sometimes try to suppress them. Continue reading at Policy Options: The Network...
New Research: Internet Governance Forum

New Research: Internet Governance Forum

The mandate of the IGF is to provide an open, inclusive environment for policy discussions and debate. It does not seek to solve conflicts but provides the data and tools for others to deploy. Vint Cerf, who has frequently been described as one of the “fathers...