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Recent articles and research reports
New Report Mobilizing Against Injustice

New Report
Mobilizing Against Injustice

Global institutions in the twentieth century have addressed global problems and initiated multilateral projects and activities. But their traditional approaches and politics often impede viable solutions for some of the world’s most urgent and intractable challenges. Gender violence is one. The role of women in cultures and families varies—and “abuse” and the issue of equality is a distinct and subjective matter—but global consensus exists against, and this report focuses on, gratuitous violence, rape, exploitation, negligence and enslavement of females. Such maltreatment has been criminalized in developed nations in the past century, but it is still common in many cultures around the world.

New GSN Case Study: INHOPE

New GSN Case Study:

International Association of Internet Hotlines Online child sexual exploitation is global in scope and requires a global response. INHOPE coordinates and promotes international efforts to protect children from online exploitation, as well as supporting member hotlines...

New GSN Case Study:C40 Cities

New GSN Case Study:
C40 Cities

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group was created by cities for cities. It is now a leading global organization whose membership is exclusively the mayors of megacities around the globe and whose mission is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the...

Interview:  McKinsey Global Institute

Interview: McKinsey Global Institute

The Flow of Governance: An interview with Don Tapscott The topic of business wasn’t on the table at the Bretton Woods Conference 70 years ago, when world leaders convened to determine how the international monetary and financial system would operate in the wake of...

Policy Options:  The Network Solution

Policy Options: The Network Solution

The emergence of global solutions networks offers hope for a better way to address global problems. But we need to understand how they work and protect them from nation-states that sometimes try to suppress them. Continue reading at Policy Options: The Network...

Orchestrating Global Solution Networks

Orchestrating Global Solution Networks

A Guide for Organizational Entrepreneurs by Kenneth W. Abbott Jack E. Brown Professor of Law and Professor of Global Studies Arizona State University and Dr. Thomas Hale Postdoctoral Research Fellow Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University While global...

New Report:Watchdog Networks

New Report:
Watchdog Networks

Revealing Problems and Issuing Calls to Action by Kathryn Semogas Contributing Writer Global Solution Networks Watchdog networks drive public debate, boost transparency and ignite movements for change. In a world where major problems are increasingly understood as...

New GSN Case Study:
The Fab Lab Network

A Global Platform for Digital Invention, Education and Entrepreneurship Can small manufacturing labs, with the tools and computing power to make almost anything, infuse new ideas and possibilities into global solution networks and give a boost to local...

Financial Inclusion: New Technologies

Financial Inclusion:
New Technologies

This week, MasterCard joins more than 1,000 business leaders, heads of state and government, as well as representatives from academia, development organisations, non-profits and media in Abuja, Nigeria for the 24th World Economic Forum(WEF) on Africa. The theme for...

New GSN Case Study:
Digital Humanitarian Network

Leveraging Digital Networks for Humanitarian Response The earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 gave rise to a new way of mobilizing and coordinating disaster assistance. Thousands of "digital humanitarians" converged on the Internet to help first responders...

New GSN Case Study:
LUUM – Taking on Urban Congestion

A GSN Lighthouse Case Study Traffic congestion is a chronic and costly problem for large urban centers. Further, traffic congestion has significant costs for organizations located in those centers. Efforts to promote transportation alternatives and mitigate the...

New GSN Report: Global Standards Networks

New GSN Report:
Global Standards Networks

by Rawn Shah Chief Strategy Officer Alynd, Inc. Global Standards Networks create the frameworks for common operations, transparency and interoperability across private, public and civic sectors worldwide. They create common designs that commercial organizations can...

mHealth: Healthcare Reaching Remote Places with Mobile Phones and SMS

Mobile phones seem to be everywhere in Africa, and they’re keeping people in touch with health, education, banking, and community empowerment. “Email and Facebook are problems…but this text messaging – it’s no problem,” says Betty Kazadi Musau who lives in the...