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Recent articles and research reports

Are Cities the New Countries?

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has released a new report, “The Trends Shaping Education,” that says that cities can learn from one another in ways that are impossible at the national level.

Transportation in the City of the Future—Leaving Cars Behind

At the same time that teens are starting to forego the once-quintessential ticket to adulthood, American cites and urban areas are growing faster than the country as a whole. Millennials are driving trends toward alternative transportation strategies with their technological dexterity and their economically constrained lifestyle.

Ten Cities Win C40 Cities Sustainable Development Awards

City leaders across the world are working on projects to adapt to changes being brought on by climate change. The C40 Cities Awards recognize the successes and attempts to scale best practices to urban areas around the world.

Resilient Cities Take The 10% Pledge at COP21

The COP 21 meeting in Paris was the occasion for 21 city representatives from around the world to pledge to commit $5.2 billion dollars to developing resilience strategies, projects and initiatives for their cities.

Orange the World

Orange is the new hot shade when it comes to fighting violence against women and girls. Demonstrations and activities using the bright signature color have been going on around the world for several months.

Citizens’ Climate Marches Around the World

Organizer Avaaz.org changed the plans for the feature climate march in Paris on the fly—canceling the planned demonstrations out of concern for participants’ safety in the wake of the terrorist attacks—and got something even more dramatic and meaningful.

Run Like a Buffalo… Run for Your Life.

Run For Your life is a 4,000 kilometer run to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, it will continue around the clock for about 21 days, from the Arctic to Paris.

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