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Recent articles and research reports

Ready or Not, Zika is Coming

The threats posed by infectious disease outbreaks of Ebola and Zika epidemics are demonstrating the need for collaborative programs and solutions that match the GSN four-part model.

Why No Action on Climate Change?

Surprisingly few individuals who are highly concerned about climate change actually take any action to shape public policy.

World Humanitarian Summit, Istanbul

The cost of humanitarian finance and the global refugee crisis are key topics for the governments, agencies and private sector representatives in attendance. But some participants are withdrawing and there is concern about the viability of the agenda.

When Fighting Climate Change is Good Business

Young entrepreneurs are developing good business strategies to solve climate change. Solutions that are both effective in reducing green house gas emissions and also profitable for their developers. Following the devastation of Super Storm Sandy in 2012 New York was particularly motivated to pursue climate-friendly technology.

Thought Leader Interview: Don Tapscott on GSNs and Blockchain

One of the world’s most influential management thinkers discusses a new model for tackling the world’s ‘wicked problems’-issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change: Global Solution Networks (GSNs). Collaboration among nation...

When Robots are the Workers, GSNs may keep us Relevant

It’s common knowledge that many of the jobs currently performed by humans will be taken over in the years to come by technology or robots. Can GSNs provide tools and techniques for maximizing the benefits of technological innovation while minimizing the human costs?

GSNs at Work WEBINAR April 28

“Akvo FLOW — Can GSNs Accelerate Innovation through partnerships?”

Our guests will discuss:
–How does thin technology deliver great results?
–What are the unexpected benefits of simple mobile apps?
–Does highly specific innovation impact local job markets?
–Can GSNs accelerate innovation?

GSNs at Work FREE WEBINAR April 21

“GSN 2.0—Can We Reach 90% Decarbonization by 2050?”
Our guests discuss the technologies and strategies that will boost collaboration, get people talking, and solve our urgent climate problems.

The Internet of Things Gets a Ledger

How will we handle this mind-boggling volume of data being transmitted, and do it in a secure way? “The Internet of Things needs a Ledger of Things,” says Alex Tapscott, coauthor with his father, Don Tapscott, of the “Blockchain Revolution”, to be published in May. “It needs a way to score what’s talking to what, who owes who money, and reconcile all of that.”

Biggest CO2 emissions impact: commuting

Progressive companies are looking at the biggest emissions challenge for many companies: emissions created by employees commuting to the workplace.

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